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As a result, these shoppers turn to the Internet to seek out answers in an attempt to combat the lack of transparency manufacturers provide.The question manufacturers need to ask themselves is: What information will consumers find when they search for my products online?

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These adopted techniques, extensive computer power along with many continued experiments have paved the way for the development of productivity indexes.In 2011, the couple formed GR Farms, LLC and began farming full-time with the help of one employee.The farm diversified into earth working, which added additional equipment and employees.The Riekhofs are proud of their heritage and are already planning for the future of their operation to ensure they can be one of the leaders in their community producing food, fuel, fiber and family values.A recent study reported that two-thirds of consumers find it challenging to decipher if a product meets their dietary needs, and half of shoppers (48%) feel that they are “not informed at all” about products, even after reading the product label.In so doing, he launched along a fascinating and diverse career path that would, at various stages, engage his talents in facets of the Advertising and Marketing industry ranging from designing digital advertising, to serving on the Faculty of a leading University, to working at the forefront of the Mobile and Social Media marketing industry in Global roles and with some of the largest and most recognized brands in the world.

This diverse and unique background is a large part of why Mr.

The Ag Innovation Showcase is an intimate event that gathers the most influential and forward thinking minds in agriculture to incite industry-changing discussion around key themes.

Each year, our goal has been simple but ambitious: to bring together thought leaders focused on issues of predominant interest to both the agricultural industry and society as a whole. Adrian Percy joined the Executive Committee of the division Crop Science on August 1, 2014 as Head of Research & Development. He grew up and studied in the United Kingdom earning a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool, a Master’s degree in Toxicology and then a doctorate in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham.

These include leading crop protection development activities in North America and, most recently, regulatory affairs activities across the Crop Science technology platforms, including Seeds & Traits, Crop Protection and Environmental Science.

Adrian is also a member of the Research and Development Executive Committee of Bayer and a Member of the Board of Trustees for the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. With an eye toward innovation adoption, a new generation farmer shares his views on what excites him for the future of his family’s Midwest farm.

As early members of Crosby Kemper’s Agriculture Future of America leadership program, serving on their state Young Farmer and Rancher board and Garrett participating in Missouri’s Ag Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) group, the couple has been able to network with young producers and ag business professionals like themselves from around the country.