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Bitdefender still says expired after updating

bitdefender still says expired after updating-2

Might have something to do with this: "Microsoft has made some bold promises about improvements to security in Windows 10.

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I then turned my computer off for the night and then have just booted it up this morning.I tried several security products with the same result. After removing norton once more with NRT, I did not reboot but shutdown my computer.Microsoft claims that with Windows 10 there is no need for any other A/V Product. Then I cold booted, confirmed windows defender was on, and reinstalled norton.After this, I shut down the computer (NOT restart).Upon cold booting, windows defender was disabled like it should be and norton worked fine.Not sure if this is a difference between Pro & Home or if it makes a difference which OS was installed before the upgrade.

Windows 10 Home was installed on a W7 Home Premium and Windows 10 Pro on W8.1. Every time I boot up my computer I get the same notification saying that my firewall is off and my antivirus/spyware is off.

I first installed Norton 360 version 21.something from comcast which of course was buggy and not compatible but it did disable windows defender properly.

After I removed it, I found the updated version 22.something and it works fine, but windows defender is also enabled.

And when I try to open up Windows Defender through the search bar it tells me that the application has been turned off and isn't monitoring my computer.

But the thing that gets me is when I go into settings using the start button of Windows and then 'Update and Security' and then click windows defender it says that everything there is turned on and it won't let me disable it because it's all greyed out! I just installed Windows 10 and cannot disable Microsoft's Windows Defender.

And I remember it used to just hold on the shut down screen for 5-10 minutes before actually shutting down.....