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Catherine hardwicke rob kristen dating

The closest we've come to a confirmation is producer Wyck Godfrey, who once said he just hoped they'd "stay together" until the end of shooting so it doesn't get awkward on the set.It's something, but we have to wonder how much this guy really knows about the personal lives of his young stars.

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At least none of the insiders that aren't conveniently anonymous.Photos of the alleged smooches are few and far between, though -- the closest that's out there is this one, where they're visibly holding hands.Thanks to reports like these, the Robsten frenzy only grew.Stewart credits herself with getting Pattinson on board. The film won an impressive 10 Teen Choice Awards and another five MTV Movie Awards that year, as if herds of screaming admirers weren't enough to prove the enthusiasm.Stewart and Angarano were photographed together in the spring of 2009, when the crew was filming in Vancouver.She said of the series' fans, "They were rabid.

Like, old ladies saying, ' You better get it right.''' Apparently she didn't think Robert Pattinson, then of fame, fit the bill. It was sort of perfect."Hardwicke was floored after the screen test. The room shorted out, the sky opened up, and I was like, ' This is going to be good.''' Mixing Work and Play The crew shot is unabashedly a romance.

Their current co-stars include names like Uma Thurman, Reese Witherspoon and James Gandolfini.

They were both listed on World's Most Powerful Celebrities in 2010, with Pattinson's salary listed at $17 million and Stewart's at $12 million.

This duo have proven they shouldn't be underestimated on- or off-screen, because they've got the tween scene wrapped around their fingers.

Once Upon a Co-Star hit theaters in 2008, but it had been in production since 2004.

Something unprecedented happened this spring when Zimbio compiled its list of 2010's 100 Hottest Celebrity Couples: Rob and Kristen's powers combined earned them a ranking of #25, but we're not even totally sure they're dating.