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Causes of dating

Principal Prickly's brother (voiced by Martin Mull) is principal of a rival elementary school.The siblings square off over a bet based on a game of kickball with the gang playing off against their doubles. E takes over Miss Grotke's class while she is away. and Vince become fans of "The Barnaby Boys", a series of children's novels that follow the adventures of two teenage sleuths -- and get in over their heads when they try to uncover the mystery of the temporary janitor.

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The show premiered on August 31, 1997 with the first season spanning 26 episodes.J.; he goes crazy and becomes terrified of doing anything, forcing the others to resort to drastic measures to get him back to normal. Grotke's class who decides to collect cans for the annual Can Drive after the other kids drop out, not wanting to lose against the Ashleys again; this eventually results in a massive rivalry escalating between the classes over who collects the most cans.When Principal Prickly discovers that Mikey sings like Robert Goulet (who portrays Mikey's singing voice), he has a beautiful, young music teacher named Miss.After getting sick and tired of everyone disobeying playground rules, Miss.Finster devises a plan to put anyone who breaks playground rules into "The Box", starting with T.While everyone is impressed with the way he handles the class, T. wants everyone else to remember how great Miss Grotke is. is broke, but through hard work and investments, he becomes the richest kid in school and goes mad with power. The gang investigates an urban legend of a kid who stays in the library for recess. After a huge food fight occurs in the cafeteria, the entire student body is interrogated by Miss. Gus knows who started it, but refuses to tell Miss. and the gang are branded criminals after they accidentally break the statue of the town's founder, which leads to a court case where, if found guilty, the gang will be sent to different schools.

In this send-up of film noir crime movies (and shown in black-and-white just like one), Gretchen is called into Principal Prickley's office for a string of offenses she committed in order to get back her missing handheld computer. discovers that while he was out sick, the school has undergone a currency implementation, Monster Stickers. When they discover the girl, they introduce her to the playground. finds out about the first Señor Fusion movie and vows to see the first show, but Principal Prickly (who is a fan of Señor Fusion) challenges T. to a trivia contest where Prickly will let the school go see the movie if T. Finster, out of fear he will be labeled a tattletale. This episode pays homage to both the 1979 film, Escape from Alcatraz and the 1987 film, Full Metal Jacket.

When Gus's father finds out that Cornchip Girl's father is his archenemy from high school who works for the Navy, Gus and Cornchip Girl are not allowed to see each other anymore, but they decide to share a secret friendship that their fathers will not know about. The second part follows the gang being introduced to the fifth and sixth graders' club.

Gretchen and Galileo conduct a test to find out how tall everyone will be when they are older—Vince will be 6'2, T. discovers ex-principal Phillium Benedict's (James Woods) plans to get rid of summer vacation, he assembles his friends in an effort to defeat Benedict, find Principal Prickly, and save their summer vacations. The third and final part deals with Spinelli, who thinks she is getting too old for trick-or-treating on Halloween with the gang.

The second season premiered on Saturday, September 12, 1998.

Disney brought the show back for a third season of 8 episodes which began on September 11, 1999 premiering on ABC as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning while the fourth season premiered at the same time, but airing on UPN as part of Disney's One Too.

After getting outplayed in a kickball game by Ashley Q., Vince's spirit is crushed and decides to never play kickball again.