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“If she is betting 100 bucks, put my bet down to 10,000.” Mr Loudmouth started to freak out. In all his calibrations and calculations he had missed out on one important factor: truth. The truth he pretended he and he alone was the custodian of.

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Those who knew his antecedents wondered what had taken him so long to reveal his true avatar.Media games are ruthless and played by cold-blooded professionals.Even going by that yardstick, Arnab’s annihilation has been epic and swift!All his huffing and puffing has been reduced to a pretty pathetic joke, almost overnight.How could he have thought he’d get away with such a monumental untruth, such a concocted story?” This may appear a childish way to deal with an old foe. And, as it now turns out, Arnab’s biggest enemy was Arnab!

I recall a conversation I had in Kathmandu last year, with a loud, crude mediaman.

Arnab’s hold over his fans was formidable enough to get away with his obnoxious style of functioning.

The reason for his popularity is simple enough to understand: the people who formed his constituency were equally obnoxious! The hatred and contempt for those who didn’t agree with his skewered views he so proudly paraded night after night, were echoed by those people who spewed venom on “libtards” and called the rest “presstitutes”.

The nation is disgusted by the man who claimed to speak on its behalf.

A strong (7.8) earthquake hit Nepal in the area near Barpak, a mountain village between capital Kathmandu and tourist town Pokhara.

The earthquake was followed by many powerful aftershocks and a very powerful one (6.7) hit Nepal on Sunday April 26, 2015.