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Dating younger men 3 years

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Then there are those, like me, who think they’ve still got their old style instincts, just because they shove on an old suit — no matter how badly it fits.But the art of style is like the art of cooking: it’s something you need to spend time thinking about and practising. It’s not about keeping up with fashion, it’s about using fashion to keep you looking good. It’s a slap to his masculinity and a snigger at his ego. Some poor woman on a reality TV show being told she’s overweight, hideously dressed, has bad boobs, and scary underwear by a snooty so-called ‘fashion expert’. Cosmo, pictured above after his makeover, wears: Navy stretch moleskin bomber jacket, £350, Private White VC.

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For them, grooming was something you did to horses — not yourself.Like a lot of men my age, I don’t like the way I look.I’m a 61-year-old with the body issues and insecurities of a teenage girl.That wouldn’t be a makeover, that would be a miracle.But, despite my doubts and worries, I realised I had to man up — and so should every man over 50.Do you know what the biggest killer of happiness or finding a fulfilling life is for most men? We give up our youthful dreams of being the best we can be and slowly drift into a dowdy old age.

Now, before you whip out the world’s tiniest violin for all these poor neglected men, I concede that men of my age have always had it so much easier than women.

She made me put on every item of clothing I possessed and inspected each item with forensic attention to detail.

I knew I was in trouble when she began to shake her head and mutter ‘Oh no! ’ along with audible intakes of breath and gasps of disbelief.

But that didn’t stop me dreading being dressed by Catherine for our makeover photoshoot.

She arrived at the photographic studio with enough clothes to dress the Russian army and more shoes than Imelda Marcos could dream of.

We baby boomers of the Fifties thought it was cool to be casual, not to care about how we looked and dressed.