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Hoya single vision

HOYA was one of the first to revolutionize lenses through their innovative design and ongoing research and development.HOYA supplies premium quality lenses to suit everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles.

Since eye-glasses were invented lens designs have been a little like a “one-size-fits all”.Single vision reading glasses are only suitable for viewing up to 40cm in front of you, anything further away will be blurred.HOYAlux Desk lenses are like a single vision lens, however with the added benefit of extended focus for up to 2 meters so that you will have clear vision for not only reading but for looking around.The i D Life Style lens also offers smooth interaction between near and distant viewing and stable image perception in all directions. Unlike regular multi-focal lenses, i D Life Style lenses are optimised to each person’s prescription, providing clear stable vision and fast adaptation. Want to be better informed on what lenses are in your spectacles and about the best solution for your vision needs?

Hoya Single Vision, Progressive & Multifocal gives you the option and has the solution…

Nearsightedness usually occurs when the eyeball is slightly too long.

This means that light does not focus properly on the light-sensitive tissue (retina) at the back of your eye.

Hyperopia often runs in families, but it is also linked to age and certain medical conditions such as diabetes. In most cases, farsightedness can be corrected effectively with convex single vision lenses. If you are farsighted, your prescription will be a positive number. If you are concerned about your vision or notice that it has changed, contact your nearest Hoya Vision optician.

Also known as age-related farsightedness, presbyopia usually affects people over the age of 40.

Presbyopia is a gradual thickening and hardening of the lens of your eye.