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It is one of the film’s great achievements that what emerges from this nightmarish scenario is a powerfully human and lyrical portrait of women fighting to secure a roof, and a future, for themselves and their families.I met with Eastman in São Paulo after seeing Bay of All Saints in the É Tudo Verdade (It’s All True) International Documentary Film Festival.

Annie Eastman: There are a lot of NGOs and there’s free condom distribution.And when the project stalled, they took to the streets.Eastman was on the scene to document the protests of those at the lowest rung of Brazil’s society, to whom even the slums on land were unattainable.Annie Eastman: Norato, the local refrigerator repairman, talked to the traficantes, the drug traffickers, and brought me to a dozen families. Each of them represents a different reality of life in the palafitas.Geni is an assistant manager at a fancy pizza parlor, but earns a minimum wage, which is not enough to get a place and provide for her son.Since he was born and raised in the water slums, but today lives on land, he has a very intriguing insider-outsider status.

I made this decision early on–in part because although I speak the language and have worked as a professional translator, there’s no comparison between Norato’s dynamic with these women and my own.

Even the people in the regular slums don’t walk onto the bridges. On a rare occasion, an NGO will bring foreigners to show them the shacks. But there is a strong distinction between the haves and the have-nots.

It’s pure voyeurism, although I will say that there is a fine line between intellectual curiosity and voyeurism. In the case of people like Geni, the employers don’t have to pay her more, because there are so many people vying for jobs. Annie Eastman: Norato was born and raised in the palafitas.

But a lot of the social programs aren’t aggressive enough in reaching these populations.

If you offer a course on women’s health on the Internet, they’re not going to know about it.

Annie Eastman: I think the younger ones feel more desperation, especially if they are ridiculed by their peers, who also live in a slum, but on the ground. As a freelance refrigerator repairman, Norato sometimes has contracts with large companies.