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Midsummer's eve dating site

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A typical Midsummer menu features different kinds of pickled herring, boiled new potatoes with fresh dill, soured cream and chives.This is often followed by a grilled dish of some kind, such as spare rib or salmon, and for dessert the first strawberries of summer, with cream.

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In many cases, whole families gather to celebrate this traditional high-point of the summer.Under the influence of alcohol, the truth will out, which can lead both to marriage and to divorce.Like Whitsun, Midsummer is a popular time of year for weddings and christening ceremonies.Ever since the 6th century AD, Midsummer bonfires have been lit around Europe.In Sweden, they were mainly found in the southern part of the country.At night, their future husbands appear to them in a dream.

Legend has it that the night before Midsummer’s Day is a magical time for love. During this night many a relationship is put to the test.

Despite their poor showing as churchgoers, Swedes still like to wed in a country church with a flower-bedecked, arched entrance and beautiful hymns.

In agrarian times, Midsummer celebrations in Sweden were held to welcome summertime and the season of fertility.

Swedes like drinking songs, and the racier the better.

Midsummer is an occasion invested with a certain nostalgia.

Midsummer Night is the lightest of the year and was long considered a magical night, as it was the best time for telling people’s futures.