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Starting Saturday, adult applicants for a driver's license who fail the driving test on their first try will have to take an abbreviated driver-training course before their next attempt.

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The Abbreviated Adult Driving Course is a Ohio requirement for all drivers 18 or older who have not previously held a driver's license and who failed the Ohio driver's test (either the maneuverability or driving part).You can see who is on the site now, chat to them, talk to them through your microphone, or turn on your webcam and get even closer and see who is on the other side.Just as a school teacher roots for his students, the Center for Digital Government is hopeful every two years that each respondent to its Digital States Survey will astound with reports of their technological feats.In recent years, more first-time drivers are waiting until they are 18 or older before getting a driver’s license, said Karhlton Moore, executive director of the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, which oversees driver training for the state.“That means we have more people on the roads who haven’t gone through any type of driver education,” Moore said.Though a competition of sorts, the Digital States Survey is more a showcase of state government's collective technology portfolio.

And the outlook suggested by the 2016 survey is as strong as one would expect given the financial growth of the gov tech sector and the public's increasing interest in civic participation.

No states received a D or F, and just eight states landed in the C grade range.

A growing number of states fill out the top of the curve compared to surveys past — 20 states earned a grade of B or higher, and a whopping 10 states earned an A or A-.

That nighttime limit doesn’t cut it, the bill's supporters say, because 75 percent of nighttime crashes involving teens occur between 9 p.m. Representatives Gary Scherer, R-Circleville, and Michael Sheehy, D-Oregon, are sponsoring the bill.

“This is not going to be an uncontroversial bill,” said Sheehy.

"The results of the 2016 Digital States Survey are very encouraging," said Todd Sander, executive director of the Center for Digital Government, owned by e. "We did not identify any state trending down with regard to their use of information and communication technology (ICT).