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Pensacola christian college dating outings

I also know women who have been expelled because they reported being sexually assaulted.I am currently outlining an article that I’m hoping will be published in a major online news outlet– like the , who published articles on BJU.

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I was also trying to avoid the harassment I personally know comes with critiquing this college in public.The brisk autumn weather sets the mood for fall festivities at Camp o’ the Pines.Couples share a hayride, compete in games, and show off their artistic ability in the pumpkin-carving contest. The last thing I really like about the first week of school is all the newness of the campus, new outings, new Fine Arts, and new opportunities.So this semester, try getting involved in new activities, whether it be Dramatic Production, collegian sports, or just going on a student/dating outing. As I’ve been reading all of these articles, my heart has been heavy because, as a graduate of Pensacola Christian College, I know that what’s been happening at Bob Jones and Patrick Henry have been happening at Pensacola Christian.

I personally experienced a small taste of it– when I tried to explain what my rapist had done to me the staff counselor interrupted me in the middle of a sentence to ask what needed to repent of.

Each semester, PCC organizes off-campus, chaperoned dating outings to some of Alabama’s and Northwest Florida’s many attractions.

Groups of 150 to 300 students travel by bus to locations where they enjoy activities, as well as food, games, and fellowship.

I’ve mentioned how BJU fired GRACE recently, and I’ve been aware of the problems at BJU for over a year now.

However, yesterday, have been happening at Patrick Henry College.

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