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Premier league years 2011-12 online dating

Premier League TV money is distributed on a fairly egalitarian basis with the top club only receiving around 1.5 times as much as the bottom club: Manchester City £60.6 million, Wolverhampton Wanderers £39.1 million.

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Obviously, these figures are now out-of-date, but 2011/12 is the last year in which all Premier League clubs have published their accounts, so that is all we can use at the moment.Note - I have made a couple of adjustments to the published figures here: (a) I have added back the £4.7 million exceptional credit to Chelsea's £171.0 million staff costs (per note 4 in the accounts); (b) for Liverpool, I have taken the £109.2 million from note 4 of the accounts (Administrative expenses) as opposed to the £118.7 million included in note 6 (Directors and employees), because the latter figure includes exceptional costs (staff termination payments) and then annualised it.The best (lowest) ratios come from two promoted clubs (Norwich City 49%, Swansea City 53%) and two more established clubs (Manchester United 50%, Arsenal 61%).Six years ago, United's goal difference was 19 after seven games, as it is now.The only game in which dropped points were dropped was September a draw at Stoke.In addition, Premier League clubs' finances will be significantly impacted by the new TV deal, which kicks off in the 2013/14 season, boosting clubs' revenue by £20-35 million a season, depending on where they finish in the league table.

A wide range of revenues in England's top flight with six clubs earning more than £100 million a season: Manchester United £320 million, Chelsea £258 million, Arsenal £235 million, Manchester City £231 million, Liverpool £189 million and Tottenham £144 million.

They are interest free, but are repayable with 18 months notice.

It must be considered unlikely that Abramovich would ever call in this debt, but it is theoretically possible.

Arsenal have easily the highest cash balances with £154 million, over twice as much as Manchester United £71 million.

The next highest balances are even lower: Chelsea £17 million, Norwich City £17 million and Tottenham £16 million.

Manchester United £437 million and Arsenal £253 million have by far highest gross debt, the former as a result of the Glazers' leveraged takeover, the latter due to funding the construction of the Emirates stadium.