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We are completing the fourth cen- tury of that millennium, and many generations of men have lived and died while the Plan has continued its inexorable workings. "ft was too late to prevent the groat Fall, hut it was still possible, at least, to cut short the intermedi- ate period of chaos r The Plan was, therefore, evolved whereby only a single millennium would separate the: Second Km pi re from the First.

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Then she lifted her chin, caught herself at a half -profile, and with her 6 eyes a little strained from looking out the comer and her neck muscles faintly aching, she said, in a voice one octave helow its natural pitch : "Really, father, if you think it makes a particle of difference to me what soeiic silly old boys think, you just— " And then she remembered that she still had the transmitter 033cm fn her hand and said, drearily: ' L Qh, golly T " and shut it off. Anrl the penmanship was just the last word, The machine had been delivered two days ago oti her first adult birthday.There just wasn't anything they -were supposed to do, it looked like, except choke and die j maybe, "Arcadia," said her father, -gently, "it strikes me that a young Jady— ri She knew it. 14 "—should not be quite so imperti- nent to men older than she is." "Well, what did he want to come peeping around my window for? in- stantly—especially if you thought I was expecting him/' She said, peevishly: "It's just as Well if you didn't see him— stupid thing.A young Tady has a right to privacy- Now I'll have to do my whole darned composition over." "It*s not up to you to question his propriety in coming to your window. He'll give the whole thing away If he keeps on going to win- dows, instead of doors," "Arcadia, nobody wants your opinion on matters you know noth- ing or," "I do, too.Those who think so have no evidence to back their daini t but merely vague fears and .superstitions.I think that our confidence in our- selves, in our nation, and in Hari Seldon's great Plan should drive from our hearts and minds all un- certainties and (Hm-m-m.Big end the Utile "-Au 0 uit, lfle J The Wddge^^-Ociebefj, ' J Hand'-April, 1945 "Th» Mulo r '-Novqjiibcr r Dtwmhqr, 1945 'Kqw ¥*u See lt"-Jaiiu Darell. And that darned Transcriber— If that silly fool hadn't come gooping at the window, and making her forget to turn it on".

The young lady was going to accuse me of all sorts of Ihmgs, and \ must insist that you read it, if only to clear «iy name." "Gh— ,? And now her father would lie making long, gentle speeches about what young ladies aren't supposed to do.

"To understand this, it may be best to pass quickly over some of the highlights ni the Plan as it has been revealed to humanity thus far, {Tins part was easy because she had taken Modern History the semester before.) tr h\ the days, nearly four centuries ago, when the First Galactic Empire was decaying into tbe paralysis that preceded final death, one man— the great Hari Seldon— foresaw the ap- proaching end.

Tliti two arc one, But the question, in the mind of most people today es whether this Plan will continue in all its great wisdom, or whether it will be foully destroyed, or, perhaps, has been so destroyed already.

Even the phrase, "Oh, golly p Nj somehow breathed glamour when the Transcriber was done with it.

Naturally, it is a great aid to education since it encourages the user to employ careful enuiicia^ tbn and breathing in order to mate sure of the correct spelling, to say nothing of demanding a proper and elegant delivery' for correct punctua- tion." Even then her father had tried to get ■ one geared for typeprint as if she were some dried-up, old-maid teacher, TCui whpn it wan delivered, it was the model she wanted— obtained per- haps with a little more wail and snif- fle than quite went with the adult- hood ff fourteen— and copy was turned out in a charming and en- tirely feminine handwriting, with the most beautifully graceful capitals anyone ever saw.

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