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Total dating in the middle east

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we Have Racist and Radical people who are far worse than fundamentalist muslims. Nobody can expect a little child in Gaza to think what he can get himself into just by sharing the zipcode with a terrorist group, when he doesn't even know what a terrorist is.

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Rod, CNN is better than IDF, Thanks to Freedom of Speech; unfortunately Israeli propaganda machine is filthy, and their actions are brutal in Gaza. Please set emotions aside.I know that's hard to do given the situation at hand. maybe its the "old" leadership that is rooted in this non-sense. No child must ever go through what Palestinian children are going through.Then later he calls for the borders to be opened according to the agreement of 2005. Malki What cease fire is the UN Security council talking about?Funny didn’t they also agree to a cease fire which they have not upheld their end on. Is the humanitarian situation more important than the causes of these re-occuring conflicts in the Middle-East?This story is going on worldwide for too long now: Palestine, Kosovo, Philiphines, Somalia, Indonesia, etc.Resolution should be indeed voted as to Islam wants to share the government of the world or continue to export everywhwre sectarian wars, killing, cowdard suicides and marthirdome, in order prepare to the world with terror and bloodshed for the ruling of the famous three Khalifs.They are words, like ours, but at least words which might reach an agreement. WELL, IT WOULD BE BETTER IF A NUCLEAR ATTACK BE CARRIED OUT JUST TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL THESE ANIMALS WOULD BE EXTERMINATED ONCE AND FOR ALL... Unless you planned on killing all of them too, it would not be genocide.

I hope Hamas stops firing at Israel who leaves and then a non-biased team from neutral countries monitor the situation. When I hear, someway, that a good peace contract has been finalized, which is a long shot, then I will turn on the news. CNN-your coverage of WAR ON GAZA is biased- no mention of UN school bombed, 2 UN transport workers killed o/night, 4 children found laying next to dead corpses for 3 days in full view of Israeli army- breaching international law. First three on the block...thing that almost ( UN ) everyone agreed on the ceasefire resolution...though it has to be implemented on the ground..both sides.not yet DONE till everyone complies.. JUST BE PREPARED FOR ANY NEWS FROM NOW, THAT ANY CEASEFIRE TAKEN INTO EFFECT WILL BE A DISASTER FOR THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL AND FOR THE GAZANS... Don't get the impression that I am for any of these alternatives.

Did anyone catch what the Palestinian foriegn minister said yesterday when addressing the UN.

When talking about the deaths in Gaza ” more than 760 Palestinian martyrs”. A martyr is defined in the dictionary as someone who dies for a cause and yet time and time again these Palestinians are shown on the news as being innocent bystanders of “Israeli aggression”.

A cease fire without Hamas who was doing the firing? That is why Israel will not let the press into Gaza because they can blow and kill who and what ever they want to and lie about it and most everyone will beleave them.

Well, now I know why I did not turn on the television. Finally Bush administration is adapting itself to the possibility of a ‘shift in policy’ expected from Obama’s administration........

but when our politicians and Israeli politicians say something like "Nuke them" or "nuke Mecca" it is still ok even that we have it and can do it. ISRAEL USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS Israel is using White Phosphorus bombs in Gaza strikes by Imran Schah January 05, 2009 Gaza: Israeli army has crossed all the limits now and without caring about the 1980’s Geneva Convention; it is using the White Phosphorus bombs in the very congested parts of Gaza strip.