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You provided a speedy and pain free response to my original query and I am extremely grateful to all concerned.

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We were delighted to receive compensation from one of our policies and The PPI team have kept us updated at all times by text and e-mail. ” 28th June 2017 “I would like to thank all the team for the recovery of my money due to myself which is in excess of £8000.00.I didn’t think that I would get any money from the claims but you have successfully got me approx £1000.What I do like about your company after signing the forms at the beginning there has been no hassle you have dealt with it all!The process was simple despite our limited recollection of details and dates. The PPI Team always kept me up-to-date and offered help as and when needed.They took away the hassle of the investigating and the groundwork needed for all my claims. ” “After numerous calls regarding PPI I finally gave in to your company I am so pleased that I did!I would happily recommend The PPI Team to anyone who hasn’t yet made a claim.” “Thank you for your committed work in retrieving my PPI claim.

You were very efficient and professional but also very easy to communicate with.

Have recommended them to a few friends.” “Just a few words to say thank you so much for your service.

Without your help I would have been in such a tizzy as to know what to do.

I too was under an illusion that this claim lark would be difficult and that it would take a large proportion of my time. Non hassling but communicative and informative and helpful. Thanks for the excellent service and speedy recovery of my money.” “Would like to thank you for claiming the money back for me.

At first I was a bit unsure as I didn’t want loads of paperwork and question been asked, but I can honestly say it’s not the case.

You kept me up to date at all times and I had to do was give you a few details.