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I'm from Russia so I'll share what I know about mandatory service.Russia and many CIS states have a mandatory 1-2 year military service program.

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I got a full-ride at the University of Minnesota, and now my parents are pushing me to go there, even though I would LOVE to come here.Join the Facebook Group: Facebook is a great place to meet your future classmates and get questions answered by current students. ( students can join the international students group!) Await Financial Aid Info: I know many of you are eagarly awaiting finanial aid information... It will be in the mail on Wednesday, and in your mailboxes soon after that.I am sure that I want to go to MIT, however my parents are Harvard grads.I am totally interested in computer science and am pretty secure in that major.You have three choices: tell us you're enrolling this fall (Yay! ), that you're declining our offer of admission (it's okay, we know you're making the best choice for yourself), or to request a deferral/gap year(s) before enrolling at MIT (for a gap year, military service, or other reason -- see future entry for more information on this option).

Take as much time as you need to make your decision (and if we can help, please let us know), but be sure to let us know by May 1.

Currently I'm a high school sophomore and strongly considering MIT. But I'm also an Israeli citizen (lived there for 8 years) and when I'm 18 I have to serve in the military. Do you personally know any students who have enrolled and found out MIT wasn't for them? I think a blog post with a topic like "MIT: To be or not to be?

" in which questions like these are addressed would be helpful.

Any tips for me to convince them MIT is a better investment?

Posted by: QJS '13 on March 16, 2009 Question for Matt, or whoever else can and wants to answer it: Do RA admittees get their admissions packs in a tube in the mail? Also: I am in Germany at the moment, meaning I do not have access to my home phone. ) on March 16, 2009 To all the International admits, there is a Facebook group for y'all as well. The question is not whether or not to go to the army or not for 3 years, because I love my country, the question is whether or not you allow 3 gap years from senior year to age 21 in special circumstances, like military service. Posted by: nanofreak israeli on March 16, 2009 "Finally, Class of 2013, what would you like to see us do blog entries on over the coming month or so?

(This goes for both EA and RA admits who have submitted complete financial aid applications) Check out your My MIT Portal: Over at My MIT, you'll find a bunch of stuff only available to admitted students, including: Campus Preview Weekend Registration: Please register for CPW on April 2 or when your travel plans are solidified, whichever is sooner.