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Updating emule server

updating emule server-70

The online signature will allow other clients to remember you by a unique ID and that way account your credits, as uploaders are always payed back first on ed2k.This means: The faster and more you upload, the faster you will be downloading.

Es ist der wichtigste Grund auf Server zu verzichten! Be asured that you will never download any faster than you upload.This is merely for running emule invisibly on a machine which only makes sense if it's a computer at work or somewhere you don't want the emule icon to be visible.Anyways you might need/want to apply changes to reflect your configuration.For detailed explanations on all features check the [Morph XT Wiki] and the [official Morph XT FAQ] Let's start with the basic Get the latest version of Emulemorph Mod at [Sourceforge] You will get some zip file, that means emule does not need to be installed (Registry-stuff and such is not needed).Moreover I made this extensive tutorial because I couldn't find any "good" ones on the net to cover most subjects.

These advices and configurations pretty much reflect my own setup which imho is the best ;).

The Port settings can be a bit pain in the ass especially when your connected through a router.

Routers usually support port forwarding which should be enabled for the appropiate ports entered in the emule config.

If this is too bad for you, better stick with dead torrents instead.

The trick is, to do a multitude of downloads at the same time, so each might be slow, but the total download speed is acceptable.

Do not wonder why your downloads start immediately, because ed2k is an inert network.