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Which paleolithic site used radiocarbon dating to establish its age

which paleolithic site used radiocarbon dating to establish its age-49

The Sumerian stories about all of this prehistory for the most part uses the main and most important seven sages to tell these epics.These "gods" play different roles in these stories, roles which may not be accurate. What I find interesting is that many of these stories are about Adam and Eve (Eve mostly), the Tree of Life and Eden.

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There are a lot of sites devoted to the legend of these Anunnaki. First are the Sitchen sites and how the Anunnaki came from Nibiru.And it is because of this event that there was a split among the ranks of the Anunnaki with some considered as "good" and some considered as "bad".Those who are the "bad" Anunnaki are the ones who were the progenitors of the Nephilim.The pantheon of "gods" in the above description is the most broad description but fails to explain who and what they were.The Anunnaki were real and just as the Sumerians wrote they did come from a place we call heaven.At that time the Anunnaki were the government of the planet. This is also why the statement that "kingship descended from heaven" was Sumerian as well.

Then came the Lucifer rebellion, that "war in heaven".

The Edenic influence could be considered greater than the older participants because one, the stature of Adam and Eve and the stronger of the two, the closer proximity on the time line to us of Eden vs. We are talking about extreme lengths of time which is a major contributor to the confusion regarding the interpretation of these so-called myths. The story of the flood is true, there was a great flood and described as a "world flood" which in reality it was not, only to be mistakenly identified as such much later.

But neither role of these two opposing forces is true because they were no longer around at the time of the flood.

They too are a part of the Anunnaki and just like the Caligastia 100 they came from heaven.

The Sumerian account of civilization coming from heaven is true even though it includes two different divine regimes.

This page is about the Anunnaki and is one of the most popular.